East coast of Sabah

The 30th of July, Manta will join the Malaysian Sailling Rally at Kudat to visite all the east coast of Sabah.

  • 27-31 july – Kudat
  • 3 aug – Turtle Island
  • 4-7 aug – Sandakan
  • 8-12 aug – Kinabatengan River and is wild life
  • 15-19 aug – Tun Sakaran Marine Park for snorkling and diving
  • 20 aug – Semporna
  • 21-22 aug – Kalumpang River
  • 23-24 aug – Tawau

It’s possible to jump off at Sandakan, Semporna or Tawau depending of your time. From the 25th of August Manta will do the opposite road Tawau to Kudat with aproximatly the same timing. If you want join us for one of this trip tel us as soon possible.

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