Langkawi – Phuket

IMG_0005Sail through hundreds of islands whilst covering  the 180 miles between these two large islands. Like koh Lipe and it’s beautiful beaches, Koh Rock has quiet solitude, experience the incredible Emerald Cave at Koh Muck, get back to civilization in Koh Lanta or party at the famous Phi Phi and plentz of other possibilitz of destination, like Krabi and is climbing rock, the rock of James Bond on the north bay of Phuket, etc…

There is plenty to visit and explore over many weeks, so you can plan this trip to suit your own needs. Also there is the possibility of diving on many sites on the way including the magnificent Hin Deang or Koh Aah.IMG_0089

This trip is limited to 3 persons. You can choose to start and finish your trip anywhere. Dates available are between February and mars 2017! So if you interested let it plan it soon!







Koh Muck – Emerald Cave                                       Maya Bay above and Koh Rock below


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