Originally from Switzerland, since 2009 i’ve been traveling the roads and oceans of the world. I did in the two first years  21’000km by bicycle around the Mediteranean sea.  During this time i had my first sailing experience between the Canaria islands and Morocco.  My passion for sailing was ignited and i took  any opportunity  to jump aboard a boat.

The beauty of nature, meeting people from different cultures and exploring new place motivates me to go further.

I spent one year in Dahab – Egypt to learn kitesurfing and doing plenty of diving. I started diving in 2003, becoming  professional in 2009, and did my PADI Instroctor license in Egypt in 2012. With more than 2’300 dives and over 250 certifications, i can meet all your diving needs. Passionate about aquatic life and underwater photography, it would be a pleasure for me to guide you.

After these first three years, in 2012 i changed continents to go sailing in the South Pacific. Six months of sailing in different yachts made me realize the love i have for this kind of life style and i promised myself that one day i will have my own yacht.

Between 2012 and 2015,  I’ve been traveling around South east Asia, between exploring traditional cultures and working as a dive instructor, I’ve started to know this part of this world quite well.

2015, i have to decide either to get back on to my bicycle, or to buy a yacht?  My adventurous life continues with the purchase of Manta. I took her out the water for repairs and maintenance before sailing around the Andaman Sea and West Sumatra, Singapore,  Anambas island,  the west and east coast of Borneo and Philippines for more than 20’000 miles. I feel i know her well enough now to host you for your adventure.

I can also be your budy for freediving with my licence AIDA3 to improve ours skills. It will be a pleasure to assist you for freediving  trainning up to 25m.

My first profession as a Land Surveyor serves me well for navigation.

Growing up on the farm with fresh produce i  like to maintain this standard of living. I love cooking and will be my pleasure to serve healthy dishes from a variety of countries, made with fresh local ingredients. I also like playing games, sharing a drink, reading a book in my hammock, meeting new people  and have new adventures.

I have a fix crew since 6 year! Pépette is a lovely cat from Bornéo.

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