The price for one day on board of Manta is only at 135€ per person, include private bed, healthy and variate meals, home made ginger beer-kombucha-yogurt-bread-fresh cheese-fresh pasta and much more drink non-alcoholic, snorkeling and paddle boarding trip, freediving session,  and discover islands. You will be able to buy alcoholic drink on board! All trip is organize specially for you so I will give you the final price after we discus of your wishes and hope.

You will find all prices for diving courses on the concern page.
The prices for a fun dive is 40€ Without equipment and 50€ with full equipment. The price can vary a little bite of the location, I try to adjust them by local prices.

You can rend a dive cumputer or diving light for 10€ per day or a underwater camera for 30€ Per day.

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